How we lost a day's worth of data

Well... at least we know how to panic.

Ever lose something that you take for granted? Cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.?

Well, we lost something yesterday. We lost a days worth of observations on our Peach Out, Bitch.

Turns out, I didn't build the ability to rename any of our Beers. We have a Tilt Hydrometer sending observations to our website every hour of the day, and it identifies the Beer on our website by the name of the beer.

So... when we renamed our beer from Wheat Peach to Peach Out, Bitch... it caused our little server listening to the Tilt Hydrometer to have a quandary.

What do you do when you can't find a beer? Well, our ingenious solution - create one!

Long story short, it created a duplicate Wheat Peach beer. Which was unexpected. So naturally enough, we deleted it. Which also deleted the observations it had collected under that "new" beer. Thankfully, it looks like the observations didn't show much change in temperature or specific gravity:

The missing data!

I'm sure there's a lesson in here somewhere, but I refuse to learn it.

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