Brewing your next beer

We like beer. So we brew it on occasion. When we brew IPAs, we call it the "Rotator IPA".

Rotator IPA is the best!

More fun. More beer.

We're some beer brewers based out of Fargo, ND. We don't brew commercially.

Support locally made beer.

Consider supporting your local homebrewing association. They always accept new members, and often times have great recommentations! Find your local association

  • All over the globe

    No matter where you are, you can try to find your local homebrewers association.

  • Help out the little guy

    Big companies make all the money. Small brewers have all the fun. Help out the "Davids" of the world.

  • Take the time to care

    Brewing beer is a long process. Brewing beer locally can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks.

Brewing it up.

Always in the loop

Check out out /beers, and check out the statistics we collect.

  • Mobile

    Follow the status of our brews from anywhere! We track the temperature and specific gravity as we brew.

  • Status

    You'll know when we've finished, as our web app updates every day with the status.

Finishing the brew

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